Constantly Dressed | With a long dress you always make bingo: 5 models to choose from and wear this summer 2019
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With a long dress you always make bingo: 5 models to choose from and wear this summer 2019

With a long dress you always make bingo: 5 models to choose from and wear this summer 2019

Summer 2019 will never be the same with a long dress always on him. Seasonal fashion gives you the most beautiful, easy and elegant option on a silver plate, to feel you always on the piece in every moment of your long days. The elegant long dresses are not born to be worn exclusively on exclusive red carpets, at the weddings of the friends or at the 18th of the sisters and brothers. The long summer clothes wear them even seven days a week, from morning to night.

Change your shoes and bags and from a super classic and elegant outfit with the long dress, you will find yourself wrapped in a super cool look! Prepare new options with sneakers, amphibians, low booties. And then, as usual, it combines long summer dresses with ultra flat sandals and mules to feel like a really chic gypsy.

Summer is more beautiful if you make your tan shine with long white clothes and Tiffany-colored clothes. Instead, find the good vibes of the Summer Festivals with country dresses , long and floral, to wear with bare shoulders. Then remember that with a long black dress you do not even have to bring the problem. You’re crazy. Point.

The only warning for when you wear long evening dresses : if you cover your legs, discover your arms. And therefore impeccable waxing under the armpits and rings and bracelets of the order, like the newest models in candy pink !

Long white clothes

Wear the dress along this summer to be fashionable . Do it with the prince color of the most beautiful season of the year, white. With long white dresses it enhances the tan and the shades of the hair. Whether you choose a romantic long dress or a dress with a split, the choice of accessories should not shift too much attention.

Tiffany colored clothes and it is immediately quoted

If there is a crazy color that with elegant long dresses enhances both blondes, reds and blackberries, this is the color Tiffany Blue. Tiffany-colored dresses light up your looks if you match them with pieces and accessories in black, silver and white.

The choice of a hippie dress is always the right one

There is no difference between elegant long dresses and an elegant hippie dress . For the mere fact of being both long dresses, they belong. In hippie style, decorations and volumes exaggerate the lines. For this reason, ok with low sandals like the flip-flops and the adorable embroidered mules .

Sensuality Boost with red long summer clothes

long dress always has its because. Add an explosive color like red and make double BOOM. Choose narrow volumes that highlight the silhouette without forcing it too much. Then combine long summer dresses with red straw bags like the Bali Bag or small shoulder bags.

Electric blue clothes? A must-have for reds and browns

Understood, dear Cosmo Girls? The electric blue clothes put at 220 volts your style, especially if you are lucky enough to have red hair or a nice brown mahogany.

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