Constantly Dressed | How to recycle and wear an elegant dress
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How to recycle and wear an elegant dress

How to recycle and wear an elegant dress

We all have a super elegant dress purchased for an important evening or to celebrate Christmas and New Year. A dress worn only once and placed in the bottom of the wardrobe waiting for an equally important new occasion. The clothes are actually much more versatile than you might think and can completely change appearance with the help of the right accessories and a touch of creativity. So that dress purchased for Christmas or New Year, destined to never be worn and to remain in the meanders of the wardrobe, can become the basic piece to create many new looks , both casual, to wear by day, and more elegant, for the evening.

long dress in lace can be a perfect spring look. In fact, just a jeans jacket, a pair of preferably brown or beige ankle boots. The highlight? The earrings, which give an extra touch to the look, making it truly unique.

With such a dress, apparently elegant and with a very bright color, it is possible to create a very refined look, usable both during the day and for the evenings with friends. It is enough to wear it with a nail, a pair of amphibians and a long hat to make it casual. For a chic touch, replace the long hat with a wide-brimmed one, much more feminine, as well as this season’s trend. You can play with accessories (necklaces, rings and glasses) to customize the look to your liking.

Here is the same dress re-proposed instead in a more elegant version, suitable for an evening not too demanding. In fact, it is enough to opt for an oversize coat, a black ankle boot and a shoulder bag for a more refined look.

A long black dress can instead be worn with a blue faux fur coat, to dare and dampen the look, a tight-brimmed hat and a pair of low ankle boots.

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