Constantly Dressed | How to play down an elegant dress
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How to play down an elegant dress

How to play down an elegant dress

We are now at the season of the ceremonies forwarded. Many have bought a suit suitable for the occasion and others are going to do it. The dilemma that unites them all, however, is always the same: how can I play down  the dress  and be able to re-use it in a second moment?

In fact it is a pity: maybe because the dress has had a not indifferent cost, or because we really like it and we would like to wear it more often.  Or because it simply annoys us to have unused garments in the closet.

It happens to me too. I have always had a passion for decorated and special clothes, but often I found myself using them too little because the elegant occasions were counted on the fingers of one hand.

Fortunately, the latest trends help us. The street style is very inspiring leaving from clothing usually chic and elegant garments used in contexts are now being revisited in casual key.

Here is a series of tips based on the different types of dress.

    These are extremely elegant dresses, especially if they are long to the ankle. 
    In the second case, if you are not lovers of experimentation, there is little to do: to make it more portable in other contexts, it must  be shortened . At the moment the length in the middle of the calf is very fashionable, but even cutting it to the knee is a good choice because it remains an ever-present measure. 
    If it’s short, it can be fun to play with the overlays, hiding the top and pretending to wear a skirt.
  • As for the tulle dresses , you can take inspiration from the trend of a couple of years ago, when you used the skirts of this fabric even in casual settings. Always using overlaps, we can reuse our dress by combining it with blouses and t-shirts, just like a skirt.
    This is an eccentric solution but I like it a lot and it is a very current choice: remove the inner lining and wear casual garments under the dress It is used a lot with jeans. Alternatively, if it’s too hot, shorts can also be a nice solution. You can even dare with a brightly colored petticoat or dress. The accessories racing-inspired rock or increase dell’outfit peculiarity: boots, ankle boots, sneakers, shoulder bags from day backpacks.
    These are called dresses in petticoats , with thin straps, which are currently very fashionable. The simplest solution remains to wear a t-shirt under the dress, as the 90s teach. You can add fishnet stockings, jeans bomber and amphibians to make it more punk. Worn over a white shirt with the important collar becomes extremely chic. It can also be worn under a blouse, in order to partially hide the dress, leaving only the final part.
  • FLORAL PRINTED LONG DRESS The most immediate and effective solution is to play down these clothes with boho and ethnic garments and accessories.
    In addition to the classic combination with nail and ankle boots, which help a lot to dampen the elegance of the sheath dress, I propose also in this case to play with the overlays. 
    Taking advantage of the fact that the dress is close-fitting, the upper or lower part can be covered by choice with larger garments.  So we use a maxi pull, a soft t-shirt or a blouse for the upper part, or a wide and longer skirt for the lower part.
    How easy it is at this point to imagine, even here you can partially cover the dress.  In this case it is done with the bodice, which is usually rather snug, so as to make it appear that the look is composed of a skirt and a casual top.
  • I leave you a couple of final tips in case you need to make a purchase for an elegant occasion.

    Instead of always resorting to the choice of the dress, do not rule out choosing a broken one : a skirt and a blouse are extremely elegant if worn together but compared to a dress you will have many more occasions of reuse.

    Remember, finally, that light-colored and above all neutral-colored clothes are much easier to play down in a daytime look and will most likely not end up in the forgotten area of ​​the closet.

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