Constantly Dressed | Dress in lace as and when to wear it
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Dress in lace as and when to wear it

Dress in lace as and when to wear it


Today we will talk about the lace dress, since not everyone knows how to match it, or wear it.

I was asked several questions on the subject, so I decided to dedicate a post of his own.

Meanwhile, let’s start by saying that it is one of the most famous must-haves to keep in your wardrobe, and then I’ll explain why!

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana rigorously Made in Italy (“proud of this”) have made it a timeless garment, inspired by the femininity of Sicilian and non-Sicilian women.

The dress in lace is for all women, is full of facets just like us … we wear it to please and because we know how to please, it is a sensual dress, glamor, full of femininity, and proudly show off our curves.

There are really many models, created by all the designers in several colors, patterns and various shapes of lace,

so much so that VIPs and stars all over the world can not do without it.

But let’s talk about how to wear it:

The great variety of models, allows you to wear them on many occasions, the elegance of lace can easily be downplayed by casual accessories, such as a leather jacket, a cardigan with a dancer, a tank set up at random, (we know very well that it is so) you can make street style for an afternoon with friends, just a little imagination …

While an ivory color with a blouse or blazer is perfect for a business appointment,

remember that lace is a precious fabric, very trendy, in this case you will always be current.

Beautiful also the boho chic style with light soft and fluttering lace, wide, long, short, decorated, but without being excessive and too stringent, to wear with ankle boots, or leather sandals.

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