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We are now at the season of the ceremonies forwarded. Many have bought a suit suitable for the occasion and others are going to do it. The dilemma that unites them all, however, is always the same: how can I play down  the dress  and be able to re-use it in a second moment?
In fact it is a pity: maybe because the dress has had a not indifferent cost, or because we really like it and we would like to wear it more often.  Or because it simply annoys us to have unused garments in the closet.
It happens to me too. I have always had a passion for decorated and special clothes, but often I found myself using them too little because the elegant occasions were counted on the fingers of one hand.
Fortunately, the latest trends help us. The street style is very inspiring leaving from clothing usually chic and elegant garments used in contexts are now being revisited in casual key.
Here is a series of tips based on the different types of dress.
Today we will talk about the lace dress, since not everyone knows how to match it, or wear it.
I was asked several questions on the subject, so I decided to dedicate a post of his own.
Meanwhile, let’s start by saying that it is one of the most famous must-haves to keep in your wardrobe, and then I’ll explain why!
Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana rigorously Made in Italy (“proud of this”) have made it a timeless garment, inspired by the femininity of Sicilian and non-Sicilian women.
The dress in lace is for all women, is full of facets just like us … we wear it to please and because we know how to please, it is a sensual dress, glamor, full of femininity, and proudly show off our curves.
There are really many models, created by all the designers in several colors, patterns and various shapes of lace,
so much so that VIPs and stars all over the world can not do without it.
Summer 2019 will never be the same with a long dress always on him. Seasonal fashion gives you the most beautiful, easy and elegant option on a silver plate, to feel you always on the piece in every moment of your long days. The elegant long dresses are not born to be worn exclusively on exclusive red carpets, at the weddings of the friends or at the 18th of the sisters and brothers. The long summer clothes wear them even seven days a week, from morning to night.
Change your shoes and bags and from a super classic and elegant outfit with the long dress, you will find yourself wrapped in a super cool look! Prepare new options with sneakers, amphibians, low booties. And then, as usual, it combines long summer dresses with ultra flat sandals and mules to feel like a really chic gypsy.
Summer is more beautiful if you make your tan shine with long white clothes and Tiffany-colored clothes. Instead, find the good vibes of the Summer Festivals with country dresses , long and floral, to wear with bare shoulders. Then remember that with a long black dress you do not even have to bring the problem. You’re crazy. Point.
The only warning for when you wear long evening dresses : if you cover your legs, discover your arms. And therefore impeccable waxing under the armpits and rings and bracelets of the order, like the newest models in candy pink !